Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Free Speech

There is a good series of articles on Powerline.com about how ALL Democrats don't believe in freedom of speech for those who disagree with them and also about how Democrats complain that Republicans who question their judgement are really questioning their patriotism. Here is a good point from one of the posts:

Have you ever noticed that when Democrats dissent on the Iraqi campaign, and their criticism or dissent is rebutted, they quickly seek refuge with, "How dare you question my patriotism"?

Yet, here we have the head of the Minnesota DFL calling Iraqi veterans and their families "un-American" for stating their beliefs about the war. Republicans are often senseless when it comes to the cut-and-thrust of local politics, but here is a case where Minnesota Republicans, followed shortly thereafter by the national Republican Party, should 1) call for a written and public apology from Brain Melendez to the veterans and their families; 2) call for Melendez to resign as Chairman of the DFL, as he is unfit to head a reputable political outfit; 3) call on other prominent Democrat leaders to repudiate Melendez and his ugly statements.

More personally, I'm an Iraqi veteran twice over. I know we fight Al Qaeda, among others, in Iraq. I know Al Qaeda attacked us repeatedly in the 1990s, attacked the USS Cole in 2000, and attacked us again on 9-11-2001. Since I share the same knowledge and beliefs as the people in the "Midwest Heroes" ads, Melendez has also insulted me as an un-American liar. I want an apology from him and from his party.

By the way, I was also serving in the 101st until very recently, but unfortunately did not run into LTC Repya. I hope I can still serve at his age.

Rick Waddell
COL, US Army Reserve

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